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Desktops – I.T. Service For Your Office Computers

Desktop ComputerPersonal Computers (PCs) are all around us. Chances are you have more than one desktop computer in your household. The chances are also high that your computer is going to crash. This is not an “IF it happens” but a “WHEN it happens” issue. When a computer part fails, it’s not always clear which part is having a problem. This is where computer repair in Carrollton comes in. We have trained and experienced I.T. Support Service Techs that can diagnose the problem and get you back up and running in the least amount of time possible.

Common PC Desktop issues and problems that we can handle:

  • Hardware / Software Malfunctions
  • New Hardware Upgrades
  • System Back-ups
  • Formats
  • Virus and Spyware Removal
  • Basic Maintenance
  • Internet Trouble
  • Setup router firewall protection
  • Wireless security configuration
  • Software problems, software hangs
  • Stop browser popups
  • Clean up spam, malware and viruses
  • Hardware errors
  • System won’t boot
  • System takes “forever” to load
  • Copy files to backup
  • Setup automatic backup
  • Restore files from backup
  • Burn files to CD or DVD
  • Answer “How to” or “How do I..” questions.

Of course, this is just a SMALL list of what we can do. If it has anything to do with a desktop computer, our top-notch I.T. Service Technicians can fix it or show you how to do it.

We service all brands of computers and are partnered with many leading desktop computer manufacturers, including HP, Dell, IBM and Lenovo. In short,  We got you covered!  It is important to have someone who knows the parts you will need and how to get the job done.  Call 972-418-2000