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IT Service and Maintenance

Computer Technician

Receive the benefits of IT Services and maintenance without payroll overhead.

Computer systems have progressed into a daily part of business operations and maintaining those systems is essential to your prosperity and growth. Maybe you are starting to realize the importance of having an IT staff but feel unsure about creating your own IT department within your business. Do you worry at the thought of providing permanent office space, vacation and sick days, or insurance to an IT staff? Introducing, 1 Call Service,  a better way…

1 Call Service “Solid service since 1994”

1 Call Service offers network maintenance, monitoring,  management, advice, training, support and consultations in order to maintain your network and computers. Our Carrollton office is on Josey across the street from Braums at Keller Springs.  We want to be your IT company!

Great support!

  1. Year round service to prevent problems.
  2. Eliminate service call charges.
  3. Experienced staff working to strengthen your business.
  4. An IT service consultant dedicated to your account.
  5. Constant management and monitoring of your corporate office computer equipment.
  6. Answers to your employees questions.
  7. Troubleshooting user-related problems.
  8. Coordinate, investigate and document resolution of server system problems.
  9. Manage your vendors, acting as a liaison between users and outside vendors.
  10. Support local user issues including data backup, spyware and virus problems.
  11. Perform additions/changes/deletions as requested by local administrators.
  12. Full helpdesk support.
  13. Periodically check backups and define disaster recovery process.
  14. Restore applications or available data if requested by administrators.
  15. Ensure mail is routing properly and check for dead mail.
  16. Ensure server databases are replicating as scheduled.
  17. Check server logs for communication problems.
  18. Monitor servers disk space usage.
  19. Perform operating system disk, check when appropriate.
  20. Reboot server to defragment memory pools, when appropriate.
  21. Identify and archive old data as required.
  22. Perform hardware diagnostics and inspections on system hardware, when appropriate.
  23. Perform workstation maintenance to include hard disks. memory and disk space.

Call for an introductory appointment:  972-418-2000