Cyber IT Support for Carrollton, Farmers Branch & Addison area businesses!


Computer ServerServers are the heart of your business network.   Dell direct, HP, IBM/Lenovo all powered by INTEL or AMD.

The Clear Choice for Servers

We are Dell Direct, INTEL Product Dealers and AMD partners providing you a wide range of choices. Your company benefits with the very best local and cloud server solution to meet your server needs. We will clearly show you a simple plain English path and follow through with installation assuring a reliable computing environment!

Emergency Server Support Needed?

Servers are complicated and expensive assets. Pick another day for do it yourself work when you have emergency server support questions.   We are Dell direct and have deep experience in server support.   
Please call 972-418-2000.   You want to avoid making the problem worse!! When the network is down don’t play around!

The market for servers moved from single core to multiple core technology. Dual and quad core servers can best be explained by thinking about a car. A single engine car is fine however when you can stuff 2 or 4 engines in the same space under the hood, then your car is much more powerful. That is the essence of multi-core processor technology driving servers:  This results in more power with the same footprint.

The opportunity provided by the advances in processors and Microsoft Windows Servers means your business can simplify your network environment while getting the latest software to run your business! Stand alone, virtual and cloud servers are just a call away.   Schedule a consultation:  972-418-2000.